Increased Demand for Medical Experts

Mammogram expert witness

Using their knowledge and experience, expert witnesses provide clarity regarding the facts of a lawsuit. In addition to knowing their field inside and out, they must maintain analytic neutrality throughout legal proceedings. In the courtroom, their written and verbal reports need to demonstrate excellent communications skills. A working knowledge of local, state, and federal rules, regulations and statutes is also de rigueur.

In a survey that underscores the importance of the hiring right expert witness, independent market research firm DeBow Communications, Ltd. produced their 2016 Expert Witness Fees & Practices Survey for client The survey shows that qualified experts are getting hired more often and being brought into lawsuits earlier in the proceedings. Medical experts are very much in demand and command the highest hourly earnings.

Medical litigation is complex. From the over 1000 oncology lawsuits filed over long term use of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder to side effects of the medication Xarelto, the board certified expert witness is an undeniably important member of the legal team.

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